News : Swift T/L Indaba 2014

On the 13th and 14th of November 2014, Swift was proud to sponsor the inaugural Transport & Logistics Indaba hosted at Wild Geese Lodge in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The express purpose of the event was to have “a coming together to encourage stronger networks, and develop strategies and models focused on building momentum and growth within the procurement, supply chains and logistics industry in Zimbabwe,” and as we’re sure all 140 attendees will agree, this purpose was more than met.

The first day was opened by the Honourable Deputy Minister of Transport, Petronella Kagonye , with highlights including her address, and talks by Mr. Mkhululi Ndlovu – Chairman of the ZNCC; Mr. Rob Kuipers – MD of Swift Transport; Labour Lawyer Mr. George Makings, and Keynote Speaker Ms. Chantelle Illbury – Author & Business Strategist. With topics ranging from “The Incoming Government Plans for the Sector,” to “Trends in the trucking industry,” to “Customer Engagement,” every speaker of the day proved their knowledge of the subject at hand, with some exceptional Q & A sessions being had.

Wild Geese Lodge put together a supremely professional setup and service, not only providing great meals and refreshment, but an outstanding exhibition area, with space taken up by Dovetail, Ezytrack, Track It, Transit Africa, Bulwark and Inter Africa.

More of the same was to be had on the 2nd day, also attended by Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni. The agenda included exciting talks such as “Survival of Transport Operators in Challenging Times” by Mr Nico Van Der Westhuizen, Industrial CEO of Imperial Logistics; “The Economy Going Forward” by Mr John Robertson, Economist; and “Make It Happen Today” by Catherine Meredith, Managing Director of Cause and Effect. With more great Q & A Sessions, the final day was topped off by the extremely funny Barry Hilton, who entertained all delegates at the closing cocktail party.

While not all mentioned by name, every speaker made an immense contribution to a great event. The two key insights that resonated throughout were that firstly, networking is essentially important within the industry, and secondly, we all have to work together as one voice to engage government and enact legislation.

Swift would like to thank all the honourable guests, guest speakers, and all attendees who included stakeholders from all areas of the industry, for helping put together a fantastic event, which is only the first of many more to come, as we look forward to hosting it again in 2015.