News : Mine Entra 2015

Unifreight Africa Ltd., arguably the biggest transport organisation in Zimbabwe has two of its top service brands exhibiting at this year’s Mine-Entra show, namely Swift Transport and Bulwark.

These two distinctive heritage brands can offer companies dovetail services but very different transport and logistics solutions.

Swift Transport is well known for its express freight and overnight collection and delivery service to major destinations, spanning a variety of service solutions ranging from local and international courier and parcel delivery, to full loads of 34 tonnes. It is a cost effective, ready when needed service, and provides a secure and safe chain of custody and guaranteed delivery to most other destinations countrywide within 48 hours. It is an extremely convenient transport option that is available at any time.

Bulwark’s service offering includes dedicated, contracted transport over a long term. It offers tailor-made transport and logistics solutions in all industry sectors that may require experience and specialised equipment, to name a few, mining, agricultural and construction. It ensures the right transport set-up is used making certain customers have the right vehicle for the job at hand. Bulwark is an expert in transport and logistics management and vehicle maintenance.

The four brands (Swift, Bulwark, Engineering and SkyNet) that operate under the transport industry giant Unifreight, each offer specialised services. Heavy Haulage for example operates under the Engineering brand and can carry abnormal loads of 75 tonnes, while the ubiquitous Swift can transport anything from an envelope, through its Courier Express service, up to 34 tonnes on Swift Full Loads.

Most important though is the ability of Unifreight to deliver on all safety requirements that may be needed by a transport operator in a particular industry, with decades of experience and transport experts across the various operation departments, safety is an important area of focus for Unifreight.

Through Unifreight and its trusted service brands the company can take the hassle out of transportation. Customers do not have to have capital tied up in vehicles or concern themselves with underutilised staff, Unifreight can take away the need for capital expenditure in an area that is not a core focus for customers and will deliver on all safety compliance concerns that may be required.

The organisation has been in operation for seven decades, with this comes tried and tested systems that work, and a country wide network of depots and workshops. All in all, Unifreight is an organisation that can offer customers full service transport solutions under one roof which makes it a very convenient option.