News : Tautliner Trailers For Swift

Research and Development departments should not be over looked, customers’ suggestions are key and staying in tune with trends and technology is an absolute must. Easier said than done a lot of the time, but keeping abreast of new ideas in your particular industry can make a big difference. Customers like to know that you are aware of what is out there and have knowledge about what is available; it shows you are a company that doesn’t have concrete shoes, a company that is not afraid of shelving the old and embracing the new.

The transport industry and freight movement is no different, road transport is also fast paced and highly demanding. Successful transporters are always looking for consistency in service, bigger payload, less down time and ways in which they can keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Swift transport is one the leading transport operators in Zimbabwe and has maintained its reputation for close on 70 years. The company’s management team are always looking for new and better ways to move freight in order to provide their customers with the best service possible.

A case in point is Swift transport’s recent acquisition of 16 new Tautliner trailers, eight of which have been imported and cleared through VID (Vehicle Inspection Department), to increase their already impressive trailer persity to cater for all types of transport operations.

Swift transport understands the pressure that all industries are under and is constantly looking for ways to provide solutions to clients and help optimise their business. The company has always welcomed the opportunity of working closely with customers to understand exactly what their transport needs are and how they can come on board as logistical partners and streamline the process. This often means looking at the latest technology available even in trailers, and Swift believes they have found one of the solutions in their newly acquired Tautliners.

The Tautliner concept itself is not a new one; they are in very basic terms a flatbed trailer, containing a front, a roof and rear doors, with side curtains that slide like a shower curtain. The curtain sides contain load retaining, high quality straps. These are specially designed for easy use, but lock in place providing strength and security.

The great advantage of using a Tautliner is that they are easily loaded from the side using a forklift, with palletised loads being loaded in almost half the time. These trailers provide as much freight security as any solid sided container; however, a Tautliner offers more cargo capacity and easier access than a cargo trailer and hence is the more economical option.

What has changed over the years since Tautliners were first used 50 years ago however is technology and design, which takes into consideration weight and loading capacity. It is through a lot of research and listening to customers’ needs that Swift transport made the decision to add the state-of-the-art trailers to their fleet. The Tautliners which Swift transport will be running are the first of their design and expertise in Zimbabwe a fact of which the company is immensely proud.